“we have no clue and we are just waiting to see what happens”

Caroline Luberhuizen is undertaking a masters in Anthropology and she has been meeting farmers in Northern Ireland to talk to them about the impact the border has on their life and how they expect it might affect them post-Brexit. She shared her research with the group describing the liminal space that farmers find themselves in between governments, between lands.

Early in the project Garret Carr’s name came up as being an important person to talk to about borders. He joined up in December to talk about his projects which looked at mapping and the map as a metaphor. He told of the many map makers he discovered and how they contribute in a very beautiful way to our understanding of place and identity. Carr also walked the border looking at it as a place in of itself, noting those places where unmarked crossings had been made; local desire lines.

Again, we wrapped up by discussing where each participant was on the project and what kind of things were being explored. There are still ideas brewing as well as works well under way.